U Bolt E Type Clamp U Bolt E Type Clamp
U Bolt E Type Clamp

Product ID : EAG-UBOLT-2

U Bolt E Type Clamps are used to connect earth electrode (earth rods) with conductors or tapes. The earth rod passes through the clamp body while the Copper tape is drilled & fitted through the U Bolt. Another variation is a U’ Bolt Double Plate Clamp that is designed to join conductor tape to the earth electrode / rebar, without the need to drill the tape. The clamps have a high resistance to corrosion and are mechanically strong to ensure a lasting connection.

Body – High strength Copper alloy such as Gunmetal or Brass
‘U’ bolt– Copper
Nut & Washer – Copper Alloy and also available in Copper Plated finish

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