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Binding Screws

Product ID : FSN-SNB-12

A binding screw is a mating fastener combining a fastener (nut) with a fastener (screw). The binding screw consists of a female (internally) threaded barrel (nut) and a male (externally) threaded screw. Both the barrel and screw have heads designed to clamp (bind) material between the head of the barrel and the head of the screw, or to bridge the gap between two parts.Mating fasteners are known by different names: sex bolt, binding posts, Chicago screws, inter screws, barrel bolts, barrel nut, partition screws, door closure bolts, furniture screws, panel fasteners, architectural sex bolts, arch series screws, hinge screws, display fasteners, screw nuts, connector bolts, threaded rivets, grommet nuts, book screws, & stationary crews.

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