Copper Battery Terminal Copper Battery Terminal
Copper Battery Terminal


We offer heavy duty, high conductivity Copper battery terminals in Automotive, Trucking and Marine Industries. We offer battery terminals in Straight, Parallel, Right Angle and Elbow Types with Nickel, Electro-Tin & Natural Finish. Our battery terminals are available in straight, parallel, left angle or right angle styles and be either crimped or soldered. The straight style of the copper terminal provides a straight connection between battery and cable whereas the parallel style features a special design allowing installation of up to 2 wires or cables. The left angle and right angle copper battery terminals contain an elbow design that is ideal for any shortened cable lengths and for spaces where a straight terminal is unable to fit. Copper battery terminals allow for higher conductivity and are ideal for automotive applications such as cars, motorcycles, and recreation vehicles. Other Metallic Battery accessories like Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Posts, Clips, and Clamps etc. can be supplied. Available in various cable sizes in forged & machined varieties with Nickel, Electro-Tin & Natural Finish.

We offer a range of battery terminals such as Angle Type / Bosch Type, Lucas type, Cut type, Wing Nut type and Ford type TVS Battery Type, Strip Forged Battery Terminal, Angle Forged Brass Plate Battery Terminals, Dustan Japan / Maruti Battery Terminals, Toyota Battery Terminals, Lucas Type Terminal, Seiwa Type Terminal, Universal Terminal / Seiwa Type Terminal, Strip Wing Heavy Nut Terminal, Ford Terminal, Hans Battery Terminals

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