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Copper Tape

Product ID : EAG-COPCON-2

Copper tapes used for LV-HV earthing and bonding of electrical substations, switchgear, panels, pillars and cabinets and some common sizes are 25mm x 3mm, 25mm x 6mm, 38mm x 6mm, 40mm x 4mm and 50mm x 6mm – usually connected to the substation main earth bars. When joining conductors and establishing earthing connections tape to tape connections can be brazed or jointed by exothermic welding. Highly-conductive, annealed, soft drawn flat Copper Earthing tapes are suitable for use within a variety of earthing (grounding) and lightning protection applications. Copper tapes are annealed for ultimate ductility and feature radiused edges to aid on-site installation. Bare Copper tapes are available in a range of coil lengths depending upon the tape dimensions, we also offer a cutting service where tapes are sold by the metre. The earthing tapes can be stamped or embossed with given brand name.

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