U Bolt GUV Clamps U Bolt GUV Clamps U Bolt GUV Clamps
U Bolt GUV Clamps

Product ID : EAG-UBOLT-1

U bolt GUV Clamps are used for connecting solid circular conductor to Copper grounding rod, rebar and hand rails. The earth rod and conductor passes through the clamp body and nuts and bolts secure both together. These are made from high Copper content alloy for the connection of the earthing rod to cable. This unique specially designed ‘U’ bolt clamp is used to connect 1, 2 or 3 stranded cables to the earth rod. The ‘U’ seat of the clamp pushes the earth rod to self-centre itself, which eliminates any movement in the fitting. Corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength properties of the clamp design ensure that the earthing system remain operative for many years.

Body – High strength Copper alloy such as Brass and Gunmetal
Nut & Washer – Copper Alloy and also available in Copper Plated finish
U bolt material – Copper

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